Nature's Harmony

15 Years Dedicated to Bobwhite Quail Conservation Through Youth Hunter Safety Education and Habitat Improvement

A field with tall grass and the sun setting.

Training Ground

The chapter has access to 200+ acres in Fayette County that we use as a training ground for bird dogs. as well as a habitat demonstration area, and we welcome scout troops, 4-H groups, Sunday school classes, etc, for wildlife walks and habitat enhancement projects. Contact us if you have a group that would like to take part.

A little girl sitting on top of a tree branch looking at the sky.
A moose and eagle in the woods with trees

Our Dedication to Wildlife Conservation

For 15 years, Mid-South Quail Forever has been passionately dedicated to wildlife conservation and habitat improvement, specifically targeting the beloved Bobwhite Quail. Our focus extends beyond preservation. We actively engage with young enthusiasts, fostering a culture of hunter safety and environmental stewardship.

Our Mission

Mid-South Quail Forever's mission is to conserve quail, pheasants, and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public access, education, and conservation advocacy.

Collaboration and Enhancement

Founded on the principle of community involvement, we collaborate with landowners across Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, promoting habitat enhancements that not only benefit quail populations but also contribute to the overall biodiversity of our region. Through education and hands-on initiatives, we strive to leave a lasting impact on our natural heritage.

Contact Us Today

Ready to embark on your conservation journey? Reach out to Mid-South Quail Forever today to learn more about our programs and initiatives. Whether you have questions or ideas or simply want to get involved, we're here to help.

A field with trees and the sun setting in the background.